• Akademik Shuleykin Class

    Finish built ice-strengthened ships built for the former USSR. They were oceanographic research vessels, but several have been converted for tourism, carrying passengers.

  • Belorussiya class cruiseferries
    The Belorussiya class cruiseferries were built by Wärtsilä Turku shipyard, Finland in 1975-1976 for the Black Sea Shipping Company, Soviet Union.
  • Bulk Carrier
    A bulk carrier, bulk freighter, or bulker is a merchant ship designed to transport unpackaged bulk cargo, such as grains, coal, ore and or cement in its cargo holds.
  • Bulk Oil Carrier
    Multipurpose vessel built to carry cargoes of coal as well as oil. Most bulk-oil carriers are reinforced to carry ores and are called OBO-ship.
  • Compensated Gross Tonnage (CGT)
    Compensated Gross Tonnage is calculated by multiplying the tonnage of a ship by a coefficient, which is determined according to type and size of a particular ship.
  • Concordia class cruise ship
    The Concordia Class is a class of cruise ships that are operated by both Costa Cruises and Carnival Cruise Lines
  • Conquest Class
    The Conquest Class is a class of cruise ships owned by Carnival Cruise Lines, a subdivision of the Carnival Corporation.
  • Cruise Ferry
    A cruiseferry is a ship that combines the features of a cruise ship with a Ro-Ro ferry. Many passengers travel with the ships for the cruise experience, staying only a few hours at the destination port or not leaving the ship at all, while others use the ships as means of transportation.
  • Destiny Class
    The Destiny Class is a class of cruise ships owned by Carnival Cruise Lines. The class was modified after the lead ship, Carnival Destiny, was launched.
  • Dunnage
    A term applied to loose wood or other material used in a ship's hold for the protection of cargo
  • Ferry classes

    with 20 subcategories.

  • Finnpusku

    Finnpusku is an integrated tug and bargesystem owned and operated by ESL Shipping, a Finnish shipping company specialized in bulk cargotransports in the Baltic Sea

  • Hansa Class Ferry
    The Hansa class is a class of four ro-pax ferries originally built by Stocznia Gdanska, Poland for Finncarriers-Poseidon service.
  • High-Speed Craft
    A high-speed craft is a high speed water vessel for civilian use, also called a fastcraft or fast ferry.
  • High-speed Sea Service
    The High-speed Sea Service, or commonly Stena HSS are a class of high-speed craft developed and operated by the Stena Shipping Line for European international ferry traffic.
  • Marine Engineering
    Marine Engineering involves the design, construction, installation, operation and support of the systems and equipment which propel and control marine vehicles.
  • MDV1200 Class Fast Ferry
    The MDV1200 class fast ferry are a series of high-speed craft built by Fincantieri in Genoa for Ocean Bridge Investments and Sea Containers Ltd between 1996 and 1999.
  • Mærsk E class container ship

    The Maersk E Series comprises eight 14,770 twenty-foot equivalent unit (TEU) container ships. Each sister ship bear names beginning with the letter "E"

  • N Class Ferry

    N class ferries are a class of RORO ferries, of which two remaining examples are owned by BC Ferries. These ferries have the distinction of being the smallest vessels owned by BC Ferries.

  • Naval Ship Classes

    The naval ship classes in serviceincludes all combatant surface in service currently with navies or armed forces and auxiliaries in the world. Ships are grouped by type.

  • Oasis Class
    The Oasis class is a class of Royal Caribbean International cruise ships, the first of which was ordered in February 2006. The first ship is scheduled to be delivered in late 2009 and early 2010.
  • Platform supply vessels (PSV)
    A Platform supply vessel (PSV) is a ship specially designed to supply offshore oil platforms.
  • Star Class Ferry
    The Star Class is a class of five ro-pax ferries built by Fincantieri, Italy at their Castellammare di Stabia and Ancona shipyards for Finnlines.
  • Transshipment
    Transshipment is the act of shipping goods to an intermediate destination prior to reaching their ultimate end-use. Transshipment is a common practice with logistic benefits, but can be used to illegitimately to disguise country of origin or intent of the goods.














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