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Mid-stream operation Mid-stream operation is the operation of loading and unloading cargo containers at the container ship while at sea, with barges or dumb steel lighters performing the transfer, distribution or landing of containers to piers nearby.
Nautical Mile a Nautical Mile is equal to 1,852 km
Net Tare Weight The weight of an empty cargo-carrying piece of equipment plus any fixtures permanently attached.
Net Tonnage Net tonnage (NT) is based on a calculation of the volume of all cargo spaces of the ship. It indicates a vessel’s earning space and is a function of the moulded volume of all cargo spaces of the ship. It officially replaced the old term Net Register Tonnage (NRT), which however is still widely used
NVOCC Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC)A cargo consolidator in ocean trades who will buy space from a carrier and sub sell it to smaller shippers. The NVOCC issues bills of lading, publishes tariffs and otherwise conducts itself as an ocean common carrier, except that it will not provide the actual ocean or intermodal service.
Offshore Logistics The organization of logistics contract work carried out at sea
On Board Bill of Lading Bill of Lading confirming the receipt of merchandise and the fact that it was loaded on board the ocean vessel.
Oncarriage Carriage of goods (containers) by any mode of transport to the place of delivery after discharge from the ocean vessel at the port of discharge.
Packing List Itemized list of commodities with marks/numbers but no cost values indicated.
Panamax Panamax ships are of the maximum dimensions that will fit through the locks of the Panama Canal. This size is determined by the dimensions of the lock chambers, and the depth of the water in the canal.
SMC a Safety Management Certificate means a document issued to a ship which signifies that the Company and its shipboard management operate in accordance with the approved safety management system..
SOLAS The Safety of Life at Sea is an international treaty which was passed in order to promote the safety of merchant ships. The treaty, which is kept up to date by periodic amendments, prescribes standards concerning safety-promoting structural measures, life-saving appliances, and safety measures of merchant ships
Starboard The right-hand side of a ship when facing the front or forward end. The starboard side of a ship during darkness is indicated by a green light.
TDW TDW = Tons Deadweight. Tons Deadweight is a measure of how much mass or weight of cargo or burden a ship can safely carry and includes the weight of the crew, passengers, cargo, fuel, ballast, drinking water, and stores
TEU The TEU (= Twenty-foot Equivalent Unit) is based on a 20-foot container, measuring 6,10 m x 2,44 m x 2,60 m, describing the cargo capacity of container ships and container terminals
Transshipment Transshipment or Transhipment is the shipment of goods to an intermediate destination, and then from there to yet another destination.
Truckload This may be as little as 5,000 pounds, or as much as 50,000 pounds. Charges differ from LTL charges, in that the carrier typically charges on a per-mile basis, with some minimum charge for deliveries under 500 miles. These charges vary significantly in different areas of the country based on the availability of loads in that area, at that point and time.


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